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BY: Charlise Malveaux

"I saw this wig on a hair review Trendy Kay did several months ago and fell in love with it. I knew I'd be taking an expensive risk, and after thinking about it for a while, I decided to give it a shot. (after all if I wasn't completely satisfied I could just send it back) I wasn't gonna buy it because I bought another unit from them a while back and was kinda disappointed by how thin it was, but that was my bad because now I know better. I now know that if I want my wig on the thicker side to get 160% from them and there's that. I won't even lie to you, after I ordered it, I just felt like I wasn't gonna be completely satisfied with it. Places are notorious for sending YouTubers the best wigs and others just whatever they want. When I ordered the wig, I selected 13Ɨ6 frontal,160% density, 4c natural edges, photo shoot deep plucking hairline, and photo shoot deep bleaching. Please don't cheat yourself and cut corners. Get everything so you don't have to do anything but apply it and be beautiful! It's an investment, and you'll be happy you got all the upgrades, trust me. It took about 2 to 3 weeks to receive the wig, but it was definitely worth the wait! When I installed this wig, I was truly blown away by how beautiful and natural it looked, especially the hairline. When I put this wig on, can't nobody tell me nothing, I swear yall. Even my other wig that I ordered before from them that I didn't 100% love was my best-looking wig to date (well before this one). It's also yaki but just not as thick as this one, but it is still top-tier quality (Alexis is the name). My boyfriend loves that wig because it's so natural looking. My daughter and boyfriend I asked them how they like the hairline, and they both thought it was mine and that I just left some hair out. (it looks exactly like my natural hair does) I love this wig so much, and it's really thick. If it were any thicker, it'd be too bulky and hot. Because of the texture, you'll have to really mold it to keep a curl, but even then, it probably won't last without hair spray. Also, because of the texture, you'll get some shedding because the hair is very thick but nothing too drastic. I've also worn glueless, and it still looks awesome. Thank you, My First Wig, I truly love my new unit! "


BY:Ā ifymaey

"I love this hair so much. The hair is very silky, it is true to length with minimal shedding and it doesnā€™t tangle at all. It can be curled and styled very easily and itā€™s manageable."


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