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What is a glueless wig?

A glueless wig is a unique type of hairpiece that doesn't require any adhesive or glue for application. Ideal for anyone seeking a hassle-free and non-invasive hair solution, glueless wigs are designed with adjustable straps and combs to secure the wig in place. This eliminates the potential for scalp damage from glue and provides a comfortable alternative for those with sensitive skin or allergies., our glueless wigs come in a wide range of styles, lengths, and colors, providing the perfect choice for those looking for both convenience and style.

What is a scalp top wig?

A closure wig is a newly invented cap construction, which includes a special material to mimic scalp at the top area to mimic scalp look. With different area options for the scalp area, it can be very natural and save time for installation, no need to care about your hairline, no need to pre-pluck or pre-bleached, no need to cut the lace, no glue needed, only wear & go!

A closure wig is a special type of wig featuring a hairpiece, called a closure, which is sewn on top of the wig cap. The purpose of this closure is to create an illusion of a natural hairline and scalp area. This not only improves the wig's overall appearance but also provides versatility as you can part your hair in any direction within the closure area. On MyFirstWig Closure Wig Collection, we offer a diverse range of closure wigs in various styles, lengths, and hair types, perfect for anyone seeking a natural-looking and versatile wig option.

Features of MyFirstWig Closure Wig: Invisible Air Lace + Pre-plucked Hairline + Glueless

Why MyFirstWig Closure Wig is Glueless? All of our wigs is with Elastic Band & Adjustable Strap, so you don't need to use glue or gel to fix it tight for wearing.